9 tips and tricks to help you sell your home quickly

Improve curb appeal

The exterior of your property will be the first option to impress the potential buyers, even small things can make a big difference to the curb appeal of your house. Cut the grass, move your bins, sweep all the paths, and clean up everything outside.

Adding inexpensive hanging baskets and planting some bedding flowers will attract the buyers. Cut back any overgrown bushes and clean any patio areas. A well maintained garden can make the buyers visualize themselves using the garden.

Set the ‘right’ price

A common mistake sellers make is setting an incorrect price for the house. Do some research and know how the similar houses in the surrounding areas are priced. View the sales prices and try to fix your budget. You can also consult with your real estate agent for a reasonable price.

Repair and clean

Making minor repairs is an important factor when selling a house. Fix any fixtures or fittings that are broken such as door handles, door, cupboard handles, kitchen tiles or holes in walls.

When staging your home for viewings your property is clean and tidy. A good clean space will make your home more presentable.

Watch out for the smells

Bad smells will not be liked for prospective buyers, so making sure to keep your sinks clean, if your food bin is disinfected and that your house is aired out can make a big difference. Use pleasant smells to sell houses for many years. 


If potential buyers cannot assume themselves living in a property, it could be hard for them to make a decision. People often find this difficult while looking for houses and one of the major reasons for this is clutter.

Move out or store any bulky furniture and try to declutter as much as possible, but leave some of your personality to shine through. Don’t stuff your things into a room, use neutral colors for small rooms to feel bigger and make it easier for buyers to imagine their belongings.


Neutral colors will also help to make your home seem lighter and bigger and allow viewers to adapt the room to their needs.Light blues, pale grays and pastel yellows are great choices, also it provides a warm and inviting feel to a room.

Adding finishing touches

Make sure that all of the windows are thoroughly cleaned with blinds, it should be dressed up by curtains or net curtains as windows without any dressing make a room feel impersonal and run down. Mirrors can make a room feel bigger and provide a light and airy feel to dark areas.

Add plants and flowers into the house; fruit bowls are also a good option. Cushions and throws are inexpensive pops of color to a room.

Find the right estate agent

Finding the right estate agent will help you to sell your house quickly and for the right price. They value your property, market your home to potential buyers. Hire an agent who knows well about the local area, trends and provide a good service.

Updating and conversions

Simple updates such as changing the bathroom tiles or adding new cabinet doors in the kitchen will increase the home’s value. An estate agent help you on what types of updates and conversions can add the most value, and advice you on what the prospective buyers are looking for property wise in the local area.